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Are you losing valuable potential customers through weak branding or failing to reach your market via the web? My specialist team help aerospace industry brands generate more website traffic and convert more enquiries, leads and sales from compelling digital design and proven marketing strategies. This is how...

First impressions count. Your space organization logo, tag-line, usp, vsp, proposal appeals and calls to action graphics need to be tightly aligned to your marketing plan and business goals and are often the first tools that help describe, and sell, your products and services.

Having designed space business logos, certificates and digital media for use on the International Space Station and with a range of client projects currently in orbit, our team understands how the psychology of good branding can set the stage for improved awareness, trust, loyalty and increased business. Learn more about space industry logo design.
Does yout website look "professional" and modern enough to represent your brand, products and services? Does it best reflect your achievements, your core values and your devotion to customer services? Does each page help or even hinder visitors from understanding "where am I? what can I do here? and why should I do it?

As well as acting as a public store-front and the first point of access for potential customers, partners or journalists, your website is primarily an online marketing tool that needs to best represent your brand and display all content perfectly in mobile, tablet and desktop devices. If it fails these essentials, your business is likely suffering every single day. Read more about my space web design services.
Ranking high in Google search engine natural or organic results is essential and is the first place people (and businesses) go to in order to see what is on offer. Our approach has generated increased ongoing search traffic for a range of businesses in a range of sectors, and you are likely reading this because we get top Google rankings for our sites.

Supplimenting free Google traffic with paid search campaigns via Adwords or other pay per click advertising services can prove to be profitable and often vital, when launching new products, services, offers or programs. With great history of creating, optimizing and managing client search campaigns, we offer a free SEO audit and a free PPC campaign review, to helps stop wasted spend right away. Se examples of good space SEO services
Getting your brand, products and services in front of the right audience and maintaining a visible presence on the web can not only keep your space firm in the mind of your target audience, but also serves to increase leads and sales and lead conversions from potential customers around the globe.

From ensuring the benefits of your brand and services are visible at the top of Google paid search results in text ads, to following previous visitors to your site around the web with image ads vastly increases the number of interactions with your brand and therefor, sales of your product. Learn more about pay per click advertising.
Ensuring potential customers, the industry and the local/national/global media are aware of your brand news and latest offerings is highly valuable to our clients and can often be an essential process that allows others to do lots of promotional work for you.

However, without the ability to create a buzz and monitor the impact PR, publicity and advertising campaigns have on your business goals, KPIs and bottom line, their vaule is hard to gauge. Our services ensure your message gets out there on an array of real-world and digital channels to improve brand awareness/loyalty support your goals as part of a structured space brand marketing plan and publicity services.
Unsure if your site should display your product and service prices? your case studies or your team mugshots? Choosing between marketing messages and wroding of benefits and call to action buttons is too important to be left as a guessing game. Would you prefer to Get in touch, contact us, ask a question, see our prices, secure our services, request a call back, get started, or hire us today?

We use CRO best practices and A/B split testing tools to prove without doubt, how to increase calls, contact form enquiries and sale conversions from our client\\\\\\\\'s websites. Go ahead spaceman, Make My Day and discover conversion rate optimization.
By setting up software such as Google Analytics to monitor your website trafiic and goal conversions, to monitoring site health, errors and up-time via Search Console and monitoring split test results in Optimizely.

We ensure you have full access to all of your service accounts, hosting server, email back-end and website control panel - and by storing all weekly SEO reports, monthly traffic stats and campaign documents in a privately shared dropbox or Google Drive folder - your team is assured full access 24/7.
We have done this many times before and our clients can attest that our ongoing results are, in part, attributed to our professional marketing experience, enthusiasm for commercial space exploration and our dedication to keeping your business goals at the heart of everything we do.

Our network of space industry clients, media and business contacts - and our unique, self-owned network of space related brands and websites - have helped our team grow into a tight network of marketers, writers, designers, engineers, strategists and business development advisors - all hand-picked and available to promote your products and services to untapped markets and B2B customers via space sector business growth advice
  • I am delighted to recommend Martin for any and all web related design projects. Martin developed with enthusiasm some of our key marketing concepts. His ideas are spot on and his creativity is a wonder to behold!

    Jeffrey Manber - CEO XO Markets

  • Martin is an insightful and innovative designer who is not only creative in creating the websites for our business but also understanding business models and consumer behavior.

    John Mangano - SVP ComScore

  • Martin is not someone who drip feeds a few changes, he goes in and makes things work. We have worked with more than 10 firms in the past on a range of projects and Martin is hands down the best.

    Matt Mandell - Entrepreneur

Clients & Partners

History & Experience

From designing space brand logos, currently in orbit on the International Space Station to developing the first apps and web widgets powered by space data. Our work with clients in Houston, Washington DC, Europe and around the world has produced a number of "firsts" that our humble team is proud of. See some highlights from our history...

  • 2016
  • 23 Mar 16

    Space Network Launch

    Launch of self owned portfolio of space industry resource websites, directories and communities and expanded global reach through branded social media properties.

  • 2014
  • 18 Jan 14


    Ongoing brand development, digital marketing strategy and company email / digital file management for concierge to the starts - NanoRacks LLC.

  • 2012
  • 12 Jan 12

    Rocket Marketing

    Responsible for large portfolio of client websites including The Rocket Marketing Group and creating websites for a range of commercial TV stations in the UK.

  • 2011
  • 3 Jan 11

    University Marketing

    Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing for the University of Brighton - Inluding increasing visibility of a range of faculty websites in Google search results.

  • 2008
  • 22 Dec 08

    Space Powered Apps

    Creation of the first ever web widgets powered by space. Harnessing live data from solar flare activity from NASA satellites for use in a range of commercial space products.

  • 27 Dec 08

    Freelance Marketing

    Years of study and testing helped uncover the finer details of gaining first postition rankings in Google, allowing me to build a large freelance client base of over 50 websites.

  • 2006
  • 30 Aug 06

    Website Portfolio

    After leaving high-school, I travelled for over a decade before studying astronomy and web design at Brighton City College, It was here I created my first site: johanneskepler.info.

Now is the time to reach potential customers

With the recent growth of the commercial space sector comes a range of new opportunities for space consumer product brands and B2B space firms targeting specific markets and customers. And with countless people searching for your products and services every day, our job is to get your optimized website in front of them as soon as possible...


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