Space Publicity

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad” – Richard Branson

Space Company PR and PublicityEnsuring potential customers, the industry and the local/national/global media are aware of, and inspired by your latest news or product is essential in the space sector and is often one of the most valuable processes that can ensure others do lots of the promotional work for you.

However, without the ability to ‘snowball’ the buzz created from news or a press releases about a new project, achievement or product, space companies run the risk of wasting valuable marketing collateral. Furthermore, without the ability to monitor the impact PR, publicity and marketing campaigns have on your KPIs, business goals and bottom line, their value is often hard to gauge.

A good communications, promotion and public relations service can ensure your message gets out there and creates a stir on an array of real-world and digital channels to improve media coverage, brand awareness, loyalty in a way that supports your business goals and objectives.