How Airbus market their space products

Airbus space logoAs one of the leading commercial aerospace companies in the world, Airbus Defence and Space specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge products that are supplied to a wide market based all over the world, comprised of government institutions, military and law enforcement agencies, universities, space agencies, and other space-related businesses.

The company is based in Blagnac, France, but it enjoys a huge global reach with other locations in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States. It develops and markets a range of space products including:

  1. Telecommunication satellites that are used by civilian companies and security agencies
  2. Earth observation satellites used in monitoring climate
  3. Payload launchers
  4. Spacecrafts for deep space exploration
  5. Space electronics used in various space systems, for example, Lisa Pathfinder and ExoMars

The brand also markets a range of space services, which include space mission preparation, the launching of payloads, the operation of space systems, and processing of data collected by space systems. Airbus enjoys a large clientele base with notable customers such as the European Space Agency, OneWeb Ltd., NASA, the French government, and many others.

Airbus Website

airbus space website design

Logo & Branding

Airbus Defence & Space uses attractive light blue colours throughout their branding materials and website, which contrasts well with the black text and the white-space, giving the website a very appealing look. The site also features several high-resolution graphics of spacecraft and satellites, which enhance the appeal of the aesthetic by making the content more attractive and exciting.

Layout & Content

Airbus Defence & Space has one of the most mobile-friendly sites in the space sector, which you can access with ease from your smartphone or any other mobile device. The user experience when accessing the website from a mobile device is great compared to many of the other space brand websites, which lack proper responsive coding. And like most sites, the navigation includes main menu links at the top of all web pages.

Usability & SEO

Having decided to change their site’s domain url structure from http to secure https urls, a lot of the site page’s ranking power (gained from incoming links) is being wasted due to the redirects being temporary (302) rather than permanent (301). For example using a temporary redirect rather than a permanent one from the old http homepage url signals to Google not to pass on all of the acquired domain and page authority to the new homepage url.

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Call to Action

The brand only really targets business customers that are reached in person so the call to action elements are generally restricted to being visible in the contact us page. However there are also social media links at the bottom of every page, as well as sharing button next to every article on the website.


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