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How Lockheed Martin market space products

Lockheed Martin Logo DesignOne of the leading global aerospace companies, Lockheed Martin is involved in the development of a wide range of space products and services, which are offered to various customers around the world, including space agencies and businesses, military organizations, law enforcement agencies, civilian businesses, and others.

The American based company, which has interests all over the world, markets a wide range of space products, which include:

  1. Satellites that are used for earth observation, telecommunication, weather monitoring, and GPS
  2. Ground satellite systems
  3. Spacecraft used to explore the planets and asteroids in the solar system
  4. Space telescopes

In addition to their aeronautics, defense and space products, Lockheed Martin also offers various space services. They enjoy strong partnerships with the leading space brands including NASA, Boeing, United Alliance lunch, Kruchinev – a Russian space agency, and many others..

The Lockheed Martin Website

Lockheed Martin space website design

Logo & Branding

With capitalized italic bold lettering Lockheed Martin’s (usually blue) logo means business. The brand name is always accompanied by a stylised star graphic that is either placed above or to the side of the firm’s name. Focusing on the space element of the business is a wise branding policy, likely due to lots of business coming from weapon sales. But wait.. is it a star? 2 satellites spying from above the Earth or the tracks of projectiles? Ok, it’s probably just a star.

Layout & Content

The company’s website uses the same corporate blue that features in the logo and interestingly the first navigation menu relates to business goals rather than their products and missions. The designers of the site have done well to provide comprehensive navigation to the large number of different sections in the site and the space section is easy to find. The site enjoys high-resolution graphics, for example, the spacey background, and videos are well placed to highlight the professional nature of the brand.

Usability & SEO

As well as a surprisingly large number of missing images visitors and search engines experience when visiting the site, the 2 homepages (www and non-www versions) shed ranking power by redirecting to the 2 us.html page (or other country based versions of the same pages). Furthermore a great many /.html urls, that waste Google’s crawl budget, are being generated and result in server errors that don’t redirect to a 404 not-found page, seen here, here, and here, for example.

Site Stats – 2017

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Call to Action

As expected this business is well aware of its goals. The first navigation menu visitors come across links to pages about investment, media resources (for journalists), information for suppliers and for recruiting staff. Sure the site footer contains links to the contact page and social media links, but Lockheed Martin are very aware how to use a website to support its business goals before anything else.


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