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How Sierra Nevada Corporation market its space products

A prominent business to business aerospace company, Sierra Nevada Corporation is involved in, among other things, the development of technological solutions to be used in the space, security, and aviation sectors. The company produces a range of aerospace and space-related products that include:

  1. Satellites for commercial, civilian, and military uses
  2. Space transportation vehicles used to carry human crews and cargo to the International Space Station
  3. Rocket engines and propulsion systems for powering space systems
  4. Communication, navigation, and guidance systems used in commercial and military aircraft
  5. Life-sustaining space systems for to support human space travel

Sierra Nevada Corp serves a small but highly targeted market that is comprised of the US military, NASA, and a bunch of private space companies that are involved in spaceflight activities. The company also enjoys partnerships with big space brands such as Lockheed Martin, United Launch Alliance, Virgin Galactic, Scaled Composites, and others.


Sierra Nevada Corporation Website

Sierra Nevada space web design

Logo & Branding

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s logo is quite unique in that it doesn’t contain a graphic or any characteristics that relate to the space or aviation industries. Consisting of the brand’s initials alongside their name, it could be said that the logo is quite dull for a brand that has lots to say about the achievements of the company. Set in a simple blue, or white when on colored backgrounds the logo has no memorable elements but is a bold identifier for the brand.

Layout & Content

The company’s website is a great example web design done well. The image rich site boasts dozens of impressive photographs, illustrations and graphics of their spacecraft, products and staff. With a large animated “hero image” of the Dream Chaser vehicle at the top of the homepage and quality images of products in other sectors beneath. The web designer has worked hard with the team to show the brand in its best light. The large headings and text have a nice feel and the site is easy to navigate throughout.

Usability & SEO

The logo in the site header links to a duplicate version of the homepage located at index.html, rather than to the brand’s actual domain. This not only forces Google to guess which url is the correct homepage to list in the search engine’s results pages but also inadvertently encourages visitors and journalists to link to both urls – splitting page authority and ranking power between the two. Despite this the site enjoys no broken links or missing images whatsoever, providing a great user experience.

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Call to Action

The firm works exclusively with other businesses so doesn’t need to encourage visitors to achieve their goals with strong call to action graphics or messages. However, social media linking buttons can be found at the bottom of every page and it’s easy for journalists and potential customers to find the contact page link.


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