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How Space.Com market their brand

Space.Com Logo DesignAs one of the top space news and entertainment brands, Space.com provides information about various space activities such as the exploration of space, astronomy, human utilization of the space frontier, space industry discoveries, and others, all with an aim celebrating and informing the world of the latest space industry events, while generating revenue from ads and promoting lots of science fiction consumer products.

The American based space news outlet has covered several types of stories in the space industry, with some of their most notable ones including:

  1. Space and space-related technologies ranging from the North Korea missile systems to the missile intercept systems for the US military, NASA’s flying car project, Japan’s missile defense systems, asteroid mining systems, and others
  2. Spaceflight-related news, including ESA’s JUICE mission to Jupiter, SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket system, ESA and JAXA joint mission to mercury, and proposed Blue Origin’s rocket launch complex.

Space.Com enjoys partnerships with other space news and information brands it helps distribute content for, these include Astrobiology Magazine, Spaceflight Now, Space News, Starry Night, CollectSPACE, and Discovery News.


The Space Dot Com Website

space dot com website design

Logo & Branding

Space.com own what is likely the most memorable domain names in the space industry and the space news sector, so it is no surprise that the brand’s logo graphics contains the .com as well as the word space. Interestingly though, the logo doesn’t contain any graphics and the only real element that helps space news consumers identify the brand is the missing horizontal line in the letter A. So yeah, the A is now an arrow pointing upwards to the heavens. Got it.

Layout & Content

Because the site is a news outlet it is no surprise that the homepage is laid out in a “magazine” format with individual modules for each section. The majority of these include post teasers with thumbnail images and clickable headings that allow visitors to skim read the page quickly. Space.com need to pay the bills, so are forgiven for overloading the site with huge adverts for just about anything (including space publications) as they make sure the content in between is high quality, informative and relevant.

Usability & SEO

Google provides limited resources for every site it crawls and indexes in the search results, so a good way to ensure none of your crawl budget is wasted on content lean pages is to disallow them from the search engine index. This ensures the pages that are more likely to rank are crawled. For this reason it would be wise for Space dot com to either add textual content to, or ‘no-index’ lean video pages such as the launch abort test, blazar black holes and many others.

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Call to Action

For the call to action, Space.com uses a very visible call to action section at the top of the sidebar and in the page footer, where there is an option to subscribe to the company’s newsletter or click through to their social media profiles. But before you do, be sure to click some of those ads to help generate some Adsense click revenue.


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