Boeing’s marketing of defense and aerospace products

Boeing Space Systems Logo DesignAs a leader in the commercial aerospace, defense, and space sectors, Boeing is involved in the manufacture of jets for commercial aerospace companies, defense and security systems for military, law enforcement agencies, and civilian organizations, and space systems for the space industry. Their space products include:

  1. Space launch systems that are used by NASA to launch cargo, equipment, and people into space (including the moon and deep space)
  2. Space transportation vehicles for commercial spaceflight services
  3. Satellites for communication and earth observation
  4. Space systems and components for the ISS
  5. Satellite launch vehicles

As one of the top launch service providers in the world, Boeing also offers commercial launch services to government agencies, space companies, and other organizations. The company is also a major participant in the “Path to Mars”, a NASA program that aims to achieve human exploration of Mars.

The company is based in the United States. Some of their most prominent customers include NASA, United States Military, ViaSat Inc., Intelsat, and others. Boeing also enjoys partnerships with leading space organizations/businesses such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Blue Origin, Bigelow Aerospace, and others.


Boeing Website

Boeing space website design

Logo & Branding

Boeing’s brand logo does the job perfectly. Simple, unique, a single color that can work on multiple backgrounds and a graphic that indicates the brand’s scope of working in multiple sectors. Working well with, and supporting the logo, the company website features the same light blue color, which is used alongside a duller gray to provide very good contrast and feel of professionalism. The website also makes use of white space, which helps to enhance the attractiveness of the color scheme and type-faces used throughout.

Layout & Content

Despite the tricky job of accommodating a large volume of content, Boeing has one of the best websites in terms of navigation and information architecture. It comes with navigation features such as a search box for easy access to information, a “Back to Top” Button, internal links within the content, as well as a section with popular links at the bottom of each page. Boeing uses images and videos really well to enhance the appeal of the textual content and the site even has a dedicated page for high-res videos about the company.

Usability & SEO

Rather than decide which url is the correct one for each page of the site or using the canonical tag to inform Google and other search engines which to crawl and index in the search results. The majority of the site’s multitude of duplicate content issues are due to many pages being accessible at 2 distinct urls – such as the default urls and the index.page urls – this not only forces Google to guess which urls to rank in the search results but also risks splitting ranking power between the two.

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Call to Action

Boeing’s website features visible calls to action at the bottom of each page, where you will find buttons for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. There is also a link to a social media centre. Added to this, the easy to find contact form, a page that invites visitors to tour their facilities and a more personal “Randy’s Blog” section makes visiting the site a good experience all-round. Very professional to say the least.


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