How SpaceX markets its space products and services

SpaceX Logo DesignAs a leading commercial aerospace company founded to provide affordable space transportation services and promote faster human colonization of Mars, SpaceX is involved in the development of a range of spaceflight products that include:

  1. Space launch vehicles for launching spacecraft
  2. Rocket engines that are used for the propulsion of spaceflight vehicles
  3. Space capsules designed to be used in the transportation of humans from Earth to Mars and back
  4. Reusable launch vehicles designed to reduce the cost of human spaceflight

SpaceX also offers various space-related services, which includes cargo resupply missions for NASA to the International Space Station. The company is also involved in the NASA’s Commercial Crew Program, a soon to be launched program that will help to carry human crews to the ISS.

SpaceX Website

spacex website design

Logo & Branding

SpaceX has a distinct but simple logo. The typeface is a custom one with a futuristic feel, which is made unique and identifiable by the shape of the X that represents the path of a rocket. The logo is usually implemented in blue on light backgrounds and white or grey when placed on dark backgrounds. It’s true that the logo doesn’t have lots of character, but what makes it memorable is the emotions conjured up by the space company’s terrific branding.

Layout & Content

Ok so the homepage is pretty bleak (some would say ‘clean’) and contains a surprisingly small amount of content considering the stuff they could talk about. Other than a hero image that gets updated regularly and 3 linking thumbnail images all you get is a standard header and footer area. However, as soon as visitors click on a link they encounter page layouts, graphics and styled text elements that are truly impressive. Yep, the imagery is what sets the site apart. Truly bold and memorable – which reflects the brand to a tee.

Usability & SEO

Under the hood there are some problems though. Over 600 different crawlable urls like this are being generated to a single indexable login page throughout, which signifies that more attention to detail is needed to ensure an error free crawl by Google. Similarly, the huge number of products in the online shop that generate 1000’s of duplicate content issues are mostly due to pages, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc of each category competing for the same place in the search results.

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Call to Action

As a business 2 business company, SpaceX have still got a lot of stuff they want the general public to do. Join their social profiles, share news stories, tell the world how cool they are, but most of all, buy something from the online shop, which is linked to along with the social network profiles in the top and bottom menus.


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