How XCOR market its spaceflight products

XCOR Space Logo DesignA private space company that is dedicated to reducing the cost of space utilization, XCOR is involved in the development and manufacture of a range of space products and services that are promoted to a wide market comprised mostly of space companies.

The American based company manufactures various space products that are used in spaceflight activities, which include:

  1. Spacecraft
  2. Reusable launch vehicles for launching the spacecraft
  3. Rocket engines for propulsion

The company also offers payload launch services, which are designed for clients conducting scientific research in space. XCOR is also one of the few spaceflight companies that offer spaceflight services to aspiring space tourists.

As one of the top space companies in the US, XCOR has been involved in a number of space projects, with the most notable ones including:

  1. The Lynx Rocket Plane
  2. XCOR/ULA rocket project
  3. LOX/Methane rocket jets
  4. The XCOR EZ-Rocket project

The company collaborates with other brands in the space and aerospace industries. Some of their recent partners include NASA, ULA, Luminox, and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

XCOR Website

XCOR Space website design

Logo & Branding

I like XCOR’s company logo. Sure it is simple and uses all the standard components that most space logo designs use, but it is effective and memorable. It consists of the company’s name in bold italicised lettering and a graphic that extends the X into the trajectory of a rocket, accompanied by the obligatory spacecraft. Usually depicted in black and blue, or entirely in white when on dark backgrounds, the logo’s proportions means it is shown as large as possible when displayed on other websites.

Layout & Content

Created by TCC & Outpost11, the first thing you notice about the site is the huge animated graphic of spacecraft orbiting the Earth. This looks good but you will only see it once it has loaded up. Below are huge headings that link through to the 3 main sections of the site, but no wording whatever. Unfortunately these sections are located in sub-domains that don’t have a logo link back to the main homepage. So once you are in a section, you are stuck there. However, the images are great and the wording makes sense – once you find it.

Usability & SEO

Although all 87 links to their YouTube profile are broken (and have been for ages now), the site enjoys no broken internal links and no duplicate content issues. However the “parent” (or gateway) pages linked to from the homepage could rank at the top of Google for target keyword phrases relating to the products on offer, but they contain no textual content. So it isn’t until a few clicks in that Google finds the content it needs to index and rank the pages in the search results. Or for visitors to find the content they were after.

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Call to Action

The homepage footer contains a bunch of call to action buttons for following the brand on social media, subscribing to XCOR’s updates and sharing the content. But it isn’t until visitors get into the sub-sections of the site that they come across “Book your flight” buttons and info on contacting the company to buy products or services.


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